No, but we usually have grass-fed if you ask for it. Typically we select the top restaurant-quality beef sold exclusively to fine restaurants, and not available in grocery stores. The premium beef we offer has superior taste and perfect marbling structure, with the highest rank of Choice Top 8%.

If you consider quality first, no. If you consider price first, yes.

You get a point for every $10 you spend. When you have 20 points, you can get a free BBQ Seasoning; when you get 30 points, you get a free package of sausage, seasoning, or tri-tip sandwich. (The loyalty program is just linked to your phone number, so no email or other info is required.)

Yes. We offer complete personalized butcher services, including complete cutting to order, curing, smoking, and sausage production. (We don't process chickens or turkeys). Due to capacity limitations, please call us first to schedule and tell us your specific requirements.

No, we have pardoned all the turkeys.

Dogs and cats

The Butcher's Dog
We keep our dogs healthy and happy with our natural raw beef and chicken recipe. Cats, too!