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No, we also use the top restaurant-quality beef called Sterling (which is not available in grocery stores) in addition to Hearst Ranch local grass-fed cattle. Sterling is a premium beef with superior taste and perfect marbling structure. It is sold exclusively to fine restaurants and has the highest rank of Choice Top 8%.
No, our beef is natural and includes no artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives or any other artificial ingredients. However, USDA Certified means an ongoing certification process that verifies every aspect of the cattle's health, feeding, breeding and medical histories. Therefore, USDA Organic Beef is generally not local and very rare and expensive, yet typically is also low in quality.
If you consider quality first, no. If you consider price first, yes.
First, we marinate the very best quality tri-tip with our special recipe, then we cook it over red oak, which gives the best flavor. Depending on how hot the grill is, it takes about an hour to properly cook a tri-tip. See our Cooking Tips page for more information about preparing and cooking meat.
The tri-tip is a triangular cut of beef weighing about two pounds, which is from the bottom sirloin primal cut. (Learn more on Wikipedia)
While we've found red oak to be the best for barbecuing, hickory provides the best smokey flavor for hams, bacon and smoked turkey.
Yes, we offer smoked hams, pre-marinated tri-tips, and a veriety of specialty meats. Come in and check out our wide selection of sausage and rare specialty meats!
Yes, for Thanksgiving and Christmas we prepare turkey, smoked and boneless ham and the absolute finest prime rib roast. Be sure to order early... we suggest reserving your special roast at least 30 days ahead!
Yes! You can buy it at the shop, or here on our website.


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